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Appropriate Adult Training

Appropriate Adult Training

legislation guidelines

Police and Criminal Evidence Act

Youth Justice and
Criminal Evidence Act

confidentiality issues and duties

treatment and questioning
of a vulnerable person

training courses


Appropriate Adult Training

Target audience

Social workers, mental health workers and other professionals and laypersons who may be required to perform the role of an “Appropriate Adult”.


For delegates to be able to form the role of an “Appropriate Adult”.


On course completion, delegates should be able to:

  • Understand the relevant parts of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 and the Youth Justice & Criminal Evidence Act 1999
  • Identify and communicate effectively with investigator, custody officer, legal adviser and others involved in the process
  • Identify confidentiality issues and duties of the appropriate adult
  • Ensure compliance with provisions for treatment and questioning of a vulnerable person
  • Make representations in relation to the treatment of a vulnerable person
  • Understand a vulnerable person’s right to legal advice under Section 58 PACE
  • Conduct the role of an appropriate adult for a detained vulnerable person during custody, specific investigation processes and interviews as a suspect and as a witness

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