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Maximising the Courts’ Sentencing Options

Maximising the
Courts’ Sentencing Options

for Trading Standards Officers

considering criminal offences

for consumer legislation breaches

arrestable offences

forgery and counterfeiting


aiding and abetting

police powers of arrest

civilian powers of arrest

training courses


In-house Training Courses

Maximising the Courts' Sentencing Options

Trading Standards Officers should be aware of other substantial criminal offences when dealing with breaches of consumer legislation. Such offences may carry greater sentences and therefore impact on the way in which a prosecution is brought.

This one-day course will cover the key concepts of arrestable either way offences such as forgery and counterfeiting, conspiracy and aiding and abetting as well as police and civilian powers of arrest.

In-house Training Courses

In-house courses save you the cost of sending your staff off-site. This is particularly cost effective when you have a number of staff that require training.

Courses available:

  • Surveillance Methods & RIPA 2000
  • Basic Surveillance Methods
  • PACE & Criminal Investigations
  • The Effective Witness
  • Interviewing Under Caution
  • Effective Prosecution Skills
  • Preparing a Prosecution File
  • Maximising the Courts' Sentencing Options

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