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Preparing a Prosecution File

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In-house Training Courses

Preparing a Prosecution File

By preparing an effective prosecution file, investigating officers will ensure they make the most of their legal team and increase their odds of securing a successful prosecution.

The aim of this practical one-day course is to provide investigating officers with the core skills necessary to prepare a prosecution file and comply with the appropriate legislation in relation to evidence and disclosure.

In-house Training Courses

In-house courses save you the cost of sending your staff off-site. This is particularly cost effective when you have a number of staff that require training.

Courses available (click title for course outline):

  • Surveillance Methods & RIPA 2000
  • Basic Surveillance Methods
  • PACE & Criminal Investigations
  • The Effective Witness
  • Interviewing Under Caution
  • Effective Prosecution Skills
  • Preparing a Prosecution File
  • Maximising the Courts' Sentencing Options

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