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Basic Surveillance Methods

Basic Surveillance Methods

legislation governing surveillance

planning surveillance operations

observation points

operative clothing

use of vehicles

foot surveillance

surveillance logs

surveillance as evidence

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In-house Training Courses

Basic Surveillance Methods

This short course is designed as an introduction to surveillance methods and opens with a revision of the legislation governing surveillance and continues with an introduction into the planning of surveillance operations, how to identify observation points, what basic points to consider in relation to operatives, clothing, vehicles and foot surveillance. Also included is a session on how to introduce surveillance as evidence.

The optional second day involves a practical session with the aid of a role-player and involves foot surveillance and demonstrates how to prepare surveillance logs for evidential purposes.

In-house Training Courses

In-house courses save you the cost of sending your staff off-site. This is particularly cost effective when you have a number of staff that require training.

Courses available (click title for course outline):

  • Surveillance Methods & RIPA 2000
  • Basic Surveillance Methods
  • PACE & Criminal Investigations
  • The Effective Witness
  • Interviewing Under Caution
  • Effective Prosecution Skills
  • Preparing a Prosecution File
  • Maximising the Courts' Sentencing Options

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